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Eighth Grade Science Unit: 05 Lesson: 01 Suggested Duration: 3 days Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors ©2008, TESCCC 07/09/08 page 1 of 14 Lesson Synopsis: Students will distinguish between learned behaviors and inherited traits through activities such as word sorts, and charades. TEKS: 8.11 The student knows that traits of species can change through generations and that the instructions for traits are contained in the genetic material of the organisms. 8.11B Distinguish between inherited traits and other characteristics that result from interactions with the environment. PROCESS TEKS: 8.2 The student uses scientific inquiry methods during field and laboratory investigations. 8.2B Collect data by observing and measuring. 8.2C Organize, analyze, evaluate, make inferences, and predict trends from direct and indirect evidence. 8.2D Communicate valid conclusions. G ETTING R EADY FOR I NSTRUCTION Performance Indicator(s): Identify inherited traits in a scenario and create a Punnett square to predict possible outcomes from events in the scenario. (8.11B, 8.11C) ELPS: 1C, 1E, 1H, 2E, 2I, 3D, 3H, 4E, 5B, 5G Key Understandings and Guiding Questions: An organism survives in its environment through its learned behaviors and inherited traits. 8.11B What is the key difference between inherited traits and learned behaviors? What are some examples of behaviors that are learned? What are examples of traits that are inherited? Vocabulary of Instruction: dominant trait inherited trait interaction learned behavior recessive trait Materials: highlighter glue Resources: STATE RESOURCE — Xtreem Science – Teacher Quality Grant 8 th Grade – To Be or Not to Be Advance Preparation: 1. Run copies of the following handouts: Inherited Traits-Class Survey (1 per pair of students) Inherited Traits Survey Graph (1 per pair of students) Inherited Traits Survey Rubric (1 per pair of students) A Family’s History (1 per student) 2. Prepare: Charades: cut them apart and place in a container to draw from.
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8 th Grade Science Unit: 05 Lesson: 01 ©2008, TESCCC 07/09/08 page 2 of 14 Card set: Learned Behaviors and Inherited Traits by printing a class set, cutting them apart, and laminating them. Background Information: Organisms must respond and adapt to their environment in order to survive as a species. Responses are part of an organism’s behavior. Adaptations occur over time. Adaptations are passed from parent to offspring as inherited traits. Some inherited traits are dominant, while others are recessive. We use symbols to represent traits. Traits can also be traced through several generations using a pedigree chart. G
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09_C080501_science - Eighth Grade Science Unit 05 Lesson 01...

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