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MASTER SYLLABUS BIOL 2304/2101 Human Anatomy N a m e : S e c t i o n # : Synonym: Phone #: Course hours: E m a i l : Web site: Office location: Office hours: Appointments Course Description: BIOL 2304 HUMAN ANATOMY LECTURE (3-3-0). Lecture component of Human Anatomy. A detailed study of the structures of the human body with emphasis on gross and histological study of the integumentary, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, lymphatic, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems. Corequisite enrollment in laboratory course (BIOL 2101) also required. Skills: I, Prerequisites: High school biology with proof of competency through ACC departmental exam. BIOL 2101 HUMAN ANATOMY LAB (1-0-3). Laboratory component of Human Anatomy. Emphasis on lab-based study of gross and histological anatomy. Corequisite enrollment in lecture course (BIOL 2304) Skills: I, Prerequisites: High school biology with proof of competency through ACC departmental exam. Instructional Methodology : Lecture and lab. Course Rationale : This course is designed for students entering professional programs such as nursing, especially those who will be transferring to another institution. It provides a foundation for the clinical topics covered in those courses by requiring mastery of factual material, laboratory techniques, and problem- solving skills. Required Texts/Materials Textbook: From the departmental approved list Lab Manual: From the departmental approved list. Bring to every class. Other: Course Notes (available by download from www.ausitncc.edu/cwayne ) Safety eyewear that meets Z87.1 standards Closed-toed shoes for lab classes using chemicals, biohazards or sharps Student Support ACC Student Services offers various forms of support to help you succeed at ACC such as advising, academic, career and personal counseling, financial aid and accommodations for disabled students. See the 1
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2 ACC Catalogue, the ACC Student Handbook, or someone in Student Services for details. Rules and Attendance Your performance depends heavily on your class and lab attendance. Regular attendance will improve your chances for success. You are responsible for all materials, activities, assignments or announcements covered in class, regardless of your reason for being absent. All materials covered in lectures, textbook, handouts and assigned readings are “fair game” for lecture exams. The exact dates of exams can be changed to accommodate changes in the syllabus or wishes of the majority of students. Any changes will be announced ahead of time. Keep your syllabus updated as changes are made. There is no excuse for forgetting an important date. Lecture attendance is important but will not be regularly checked or graded but will be informally monitored. If your percent grade is within 1 point of a letter grade, your final letter grade will be determined by your attendance and participation in lecture and lab. Experience has proven over and over again that poor attendance results in poor grades! Lab reports are due at the 2nd lab period following the lab.
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2304master - MASTER SYLLABUS BIOL 2304/2101 Human Anatomy...

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