10115 - Bio 11 Human Anatomy Lecture and Lab Spring 2011...

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Bio 11 Human Anatomy Lecture and Lab Spring 2011 Dr. Murray 1 Instructor: Dr. Tanya Murray Meeting Time/Day: Lecture M/W 10:00- 10:50am Meeting Place: SM 202 Special Topics M/W 11:00- 11:30am Lab M/W 12:00- 2:50pm Meeting Place: SM 245 Email: tmurray@saddleback.edu Office Hours: Open, appointment on request Introduction: Biology 11 is designed to introduce students to the anatomy of the organ systems of the human body. We will emphasize the structure and function of human systems, and will include a dissection of the cat to illustrate the various systems, as well as the use of models of human structures. The course consists of 2 hours of lecture per week, and 2 3-hour laboratories. Course Objectives: Develop a positive attitude towards and a working knowledge of human anatomy Prepare Pre-Health Professional students for subsequent curriculum Think and approach problems in a scientific manner Improve communication skills Course Description and student learning objectives This course is designed to introduce you to the anatomy of the human body as well as to prepare you for the course in human physiology. This course will include discussion of organization at the level of cell, tissue, organ and system, developmental biology and function. The laboratory will include histology at the light microscopic level, use of models, dissection of the cat and study of the human cadaver. Please see the college website schedule of classes to see the entire listing of student learning objectives at: Student learning objectives: Students completing BIO 11 will be able to comprehend and evaluate content relating to human body structure, function and disease. 70% of the students in all sections of BIO 11 (Human Anatomy) will correctly respond to an identical question set of 15 - 25 questions that assess the SLO embedded in the final exams. Required Text and Materials Text: The textbook for this course is Human Anatomy,6th edition , by Marieb et al., and the accompanying laboratory manual. Please bring to class every meeting along with lecture notes and any questions referring to material covered in class or lab. Web Sites DOWNLOAD AND PRINT COURSE LECTURE AND LAB OUTLINES! Blackboard Site: http://socccd.blackboard.com Download all remaining materials here! Your course is Bio 11- Human Anatomy. This is a special site, closed to the public but open to you upon enrolling in this class. It contains material to help you prepare for exams, web resources and updated grade sheets. To enter Blackboard, you will need to log on by entering your username and your password.
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Bio 11 Human Anatomy Lecture and Lab Spring 2011 Dr. Murray 2 Your username is the first part of your Saddleback College email address. It contains the keystrokes before the @ sign in your Saddleback email address. (ex.smith5)
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10115 - Bio 11 Human Anatomy Lecture and Lab Spring 2011...

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