10160 - Human Anatomy Saddleback College Biology 11 Lecture...

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1 Human Anatomy Saddleback College Biology 11 Lecture and Laboratory and Special Topics Discussion Section Sections 10160 and 10165 Dr. Jane Horlings Spring 2011 Introduction This course is designed to introduce you to the anatomy of the human body as well as to prepare you for the course in human physiology. This course will include discussion of organization at the level of cell, tissue, organ and system, developmental biology and function. The laboratory will include histology at the light microscopic level, use of models, dissection of the cat and study of the human cadaver. The course consists of 2 hours of lecture per week, and 2 3-hour laboratories. The Special Topics Anatomy Discussion section consists of 1 hour of lecture, discussion, and reviews, continuing with the lecture topic of the day, as well as related reviews of laboratory material. Student Learning Outcome: Students completing Bio 11 will be able to comprehend and evaluate content relating to human body structure, function and disease. Assessment Method and Criteria: 70% of the students in all sections of Bio 11 will correctly respond to an identical question set of 15 - 25 questions that assess the SLO embedded in the final exams. Please see the college website to see the entire listing of student learning objectives at: . Prerequisites A course in high school or college biological science (i.e. Biology 20) is required. This course (Bio 11) is a prerequisite to Bio 12 at Saddleback College. Assigned Readings The required textbook for this course is Human Anatomy, 6th edition , by Marieb et al. (ISBN 0-321-57090-1, www.mypearsonstore.com/bookstore/product.asp?isbn=0321570901 ), and the accompanying spiral bound laboratory manual, Human Anatomy Laboratory Manual with Cat Dissections by E. Marieb ( recommended , ISBN 0- 321-66706-9). To facilitate your mastery of this large amount of material, you will purchase a detailed set of outlines for both the lecture and lab, known as "directed notes." There are two separate packets. The lecture and laboratory packets contain the set of directed notes, along with study aids. Be certain that you get the packets with my name on them. You will use these directed notes as an outline as you write the class notes. There are a few other materials that you will be able to download from the course website; but the packets from the bookstore are the critical ones that you need as hard copy, in a notebook, with you in class every day. You must bring both texts and directed notes to lecture and lab every day, as reference to the diagrams in the
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10160 - Human Anatomy Saddleback College Biology 11 Lecture...

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