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Biology 131 Lecture Spring 2009 Human Anatomy and Physiology Call Number: Biology 131-630 (24162); Hrs. credit: 4.0; Time/Days: 12:30-3:15 Mondays (Glasgow) Room 264 Instructor: Dr. Kerrie McDaniel; Office: Phone (main campus): 270- 745-6845 Email: [email protected] Textbooks: Principles of (11 th ed.) by Gerald Tortora and Bryan Derrickson; and Human Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory Manual (7th ed.) by Elaine Marieb [Both are required!] Objectives: 1. To provide basic information on scientific process and method. 2. To explain the anatomy (form) and physiology (function) of the parts of the human body. 3. To describe how the parts of the human body contribute to homeostasis. General Education: This fulfills General Education Category D. Tentative Lecture Outline LECTURE DAY TOPICS CHAPTERS Jan. 28 NO CLASS: Work with On-line material Feb. 2 Course Introduction/Body Plan and Organization 1 Homeostasis/ Basic Chemistry 1,2 Feb.9 2, 3 Transport Mechanisms/Tissues 3,4 Feb. 16 Membranes and Neoplasms 4 Integumentary System 5 Feb. 23 Exam I Mar. 2 Basic Reproductive Terminology 28 Male and Female Reproductive Systems
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200910_prod_BIOL131630_200910_24162 - Biology 131 Lecture...

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