ABIO232-Vieyra - Anatomy (ABIO 232) 4 credits Fall 2011:...

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Anatomy (ABIO 232) – 4 credits Fall 2011: Sections 003 & 004 Instructor Information: Dr. Michelle Vieyra Office: SBDG 209 Phone: (803) 641-3608 Email: [email protected] Course Meeting Times: Lecture: SBDG 327: MWF 9AM – 9:50AM Laboratory: SBDG 104: T 9:25-12:05 (003) & T 1:40-4:20 (004) Required Materials: Textbook : Human Anatomy by Marieb w/ PAL Software Course Pack: Available only at the USCA bookstore. REQUIRED on first lab day Lab Manual : Human A&P Laboratory Manual w/ Rat Dissection by Marieb (This manual includes materials you will use in your physiology class) Lab Supplies : Dissection kit and Gloves – Please buy a large box of gloves . Course Description/ Objectives : A survey of the organization, structure, function and development of human anatomical systems. Students should become adept at identifying and describing the organization, structure and development of the human body across the hierarchy of cells, tissues, organs, and systems. Grade Evaluation : Your will earn your final grade based on the total points earned after completion of the following graded activities: 5 Lecture Exams 100 points each 500 points 1 Final Exam 100 points 100 points 7 Lab Exams 50-75 pts each 410 points 8 Lab Quizzes 10-20 pts each 90 points Total: 1100 points possible Grading Scale : Letter Grade Points Earned A 990-1100 B+ 935-989 B 880-934 C+ 825-879 C 770-824 D+ 715-769 D 660-714 F below 660 The above numbers are point cut offs for each letter grade. There will be no “rounding up” to the next grade no mater how close you are. Your grade is based on how much anatomical information you learn. There will be no extra credit assignments offered.
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Graded Activities: Lecture Exams : Lecture exams will cover only the material presented since the last exam. Lecture exams can not be made-up unless under extraordinary, documented circumstances. Lecture exams may be composed of a combination of multiple choice, true/false, matching, short answer and essay questions. Final Exam : The final exam will be 150 points of material from the entire course (including lab). It will be a multiple choice exam. Lab Exams : Lab exams will be given in a round robin format where the students rotate between 22-26 timed stations with ~3 questions at each station. Lab exam questions will address the identification of a labeled structure and be short answer (you must be able to spell the structures correctly). Due to the
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ABIO232-Vieyra - Anatomy (ABIO 232) 4 credits Fall 2011:...

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