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BIO 32-HUMAN ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOGY II LECTURE AND LABORATORY TENTATIVE SCHEDULE BAKERSFIELD COLLEGE I. DEVLIN-KELLY SPRING, 2007 WEEK DATES LECTURE TOPIC LABORATORY TOPIC 1. 1/22 Intro & Terminology Ch 1 Intro to cells, Ch 3 QUIZ Organization & Terminology Microscope 2. 1/29 Cell & cell ultrastructure, Ch 3 Cell membrane, Ch 3 QUIZ Cellular structure Epithelial tissue 3. 2/5 Mitosis DNA replication & Protein Synthesis Ch 2,3 QUIZ Candy Chromosomes DNA Lab 4. 2/12 TEST I Chemistry, Ch 2 Tissues: epithelial, connective, Ch 4 Integumentary system, Ch 5 2/16 Lincoln’s Day LAB PRACTICAL I Connective tissues Integumentary System 5. 2/19 2/19 Washington’s Day-No Classes Integumentary system, Ch 5 Intro to Skeletal system, Ch 6 2/20: LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW WITHOUT A “W” QUIZ Organization of Skeletal system Structure & Classification of bone Pelvic girdle & lower limb 6. 2/26 Bone tissue structure & development, Ch 6 Appendicular skeleton, Ch 7 QUIZ Pectoral girdle & upper limb 7. 3/5 Axial skeleton, Skull Ch 7 QUIZ Vertebral column & thorax The Skull 8. 3/12 TEST II Joints, Ch 8 LAB PRACTICAL II 9. 3/19 Intro to muscular system, nomenclature, Movements Muscle Tissue Ch 9 QUIZ Body movements Muscle tissue Selected muscles, 10. 3/26 Muscles continued Neuromuscular junction Excitation/contraction coupling
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