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Anatomy and Physiology (ANPY) CTY: Academic Explorations Grades 7 and 8 Text: ; 7 th Edition. DAY TOPIC/OBJECTIVES HOW DAY 1 Welcome and Introduction Ice Breaker Honor Code Classroom Rules Lab Safety Introduction to Anatomy Human Body Systems Course Outline/Plan Homeostasis Negative Feedback Positive Feedback Homeostasis and the Body Systems Chemistry of Life Elements, Atoms, and Compounds Bonding Water Acids and Bases Molecules of Life Morning Ice Breaker; I’m an Organ Posters Honor Codes Sign Classroom Rules determined and posted Lab Safety Directions; Quiz; Contracts Signed and Posted Arrange Organ System Posters to Form a “Body” Give examples of tasks or diseases and have students determine which systems involved and how they are interconnected Pre-test Discuss course outline Afternoon Lecture on homeostasis with feedback loop diagrams Homeostasis group activity – using examples from the systems that we will study further in each unit Mini-chemistry lecture Check for understanding – chemistry worksheet Molecules of Life mini-lecture Introduction to Lab Work Water Lab Evening Read chapters 1-4 and answer discussion questions
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DAY TOPIC/OBJECTIVES HOW DAY 2 Cell Structure and Function Parts of a Cell Osmosis Cell Cycle Body Tissues and Membranes Types of Tissue Junctions Glands Membranes Morning Cell Structure Worksheet and Class Discussion. Individual students color and write functions next to each part as we go along Osmosis Lab Cell cycle mini-lecture Act out interphase and mitosis Afternoon Mini-lecture on body tissues and membranes Lab with chicken bones and vinegar Evening Read chapters 5 and 6 and answer discussion questions Group application assignment on sprains, strains, and breaks
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anpy_1 - Anatomy and Physiology (ANPY) CTY: Academic...

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