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Unformatted text preview: Human Anatomy Lecture Manual, 4th edition by Mark Nielsen Invaluable outline of all lectures containing the illustrations used in lecture; course would be very difFcult without it. This is the book to which you will add your own notes to create a course textbook. Human Anatomy Lab Manual and Workbook, 4 th edition by Mark Nielsen This book contains overviews, objectives, and information pertinent to laboratory sessions. You will need this book to prepare for the weekly laboratory and the quizzes in the laboratory. The book also contains exercises to help you prepare for the lecture examinations. In addition, it contains actual past examinations to help students get a feel for the types of questions on the examinations. It also contains a model of the pelvis/perineum that you will build for points toward you lab score. Human Anatomy Interactive Lecture and Flashcard CD by Mark Nielsen and Shawn Miller this CD contains all the lecture presentations that I use during the lecture. It provides you with all the color graphics that can help you create the details of your lecture manual. It also has an interactive ashcard program that can help you study the material. Human Anatomy Interactive Atlas CD by Shawn Miller and Mark Nielsen this CD contains interactive photos of cadavers that will help you prepare for the lab quizzes and the lab practical examination. It is designed to allow you to interactively quiz yourself as you study your anatomy. All laboratory quizzes will come from the photos on this CD. Principles of Human Anatomy with WileyPlus Web Link, 11 th edition by Jerry Tortora and Mark Nielsen. This is the out of class reference source for review, study, and extra point homework. It is an excellent textbook and a powerful resource....
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courseInfo - Human Anatomy Lecture Manual, 4th edition by...

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