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Gross-Anatomy-syllabus-2010 - ANATOMY Lecture and Lab(CELL...

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ANATOMY Lecture and Lab (CELL 649-02 and CELL 649-41&42) Lecture-Monday 1-5pm Lab-Thursday 1-3pm & 3-5pm Boggs: room 239 Reily: room 114 Course Director: Dr. Garic Grisbaum 4011 Percival Stern Hall [email protected] Office Hours: By Appointment Course Description: The aim of this course is to provide students with a basic clinical understanding of the structural and functional organization of the human body at the gross (macroscopic) level. The course will include an introduction to anatomical terms, movement, and study tips, before moving to an overview of three body regions: Back, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, and thorax, if time permits. While introducing these body regions an emphasis will be placed on the relationship between structure and function of these areas. This course is designed as a stand-alone subject for students wanting to pursue a career in the health sciences. Students are expected to attend 8 hours per week of formal classes, which consists of lecture and lab. Each week there will be a quiz given at the beginning of class, followed by a 3 hour lecture. The students will be split up into groups of 3 or 4 and will dissect for 2 hours, latter in the week under the guidance of the instructor, who will direct the learning activities. Students doing dissection will be required to explain that area dissected to the instructor who will be present in the lab. Gross anatomy practicals will involve the identification of anatomical features on a dissected human specimen, bones, and overheads. Learning Outcomes: 1) Know all anatomical terms, planes, and positions as they pertain to the human body 2) Understand, clinically, all body regions covered during the semester 3) Understand the structure and functional organization of all body regions covered during the semester
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