lecture2 - Anatomy 2001Muscle/Motility Structure Lecture #2...

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Anatomy 2001Muscle/Motility Structure Lecture #2 Cris dos Remedios Institute for Biomedical Research, Rm W103 Anderson Stuart Types of Skeletal Muscle fibres. Muscle can be classified into two major categories: (1) small diameter, red or slow or Type I muscle fibres; (2) large diameter, fast (white) or Type II fibres. But category (2) is further subdivided into Type IIa (fast oxidative muscle) and Type IIb (fast glycolytic muscle). In recent times, other classes of skeletal muscle fibres have been discovered, but it is sufficient to know about the three classes of skeletal muscle fibres, slow fibres, slow twitch fibres and fast twitch fibres. These have characteristics which can be summarised: Muscle Type I Type IIa Type IIb categories Slow fibres slow twitch fibres fast twitch fibres Colour red red white Shortening speed slow fast fast Myosin ATPase slow intermediate fast Fatigue resistant intermediate easily Metabolism oxidative oxidative glycolytic Diameter small intermediate large Volume of SR small medium well developed Mitochondria many intermediate few Lipid droplets many intermediate few Glycogen low intermediate high Capillaries lots intermediate few Myoglobin lots lots low
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A Comparison of Different Muscle Fibre SKELETAL CARDIAC SMOOTH striated striated non -striated tubes
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lecture2 - Anatomy 2001Muscle/Motility Structure Lecture #2...

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