PTAOTA106F2011syllabus - 1 PTA/OTA 106 Regional Human...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 PTA/OTA 106 Regional Human Anatomy and Physiology Class Time: Lecture Two 1 and 1/2-hour lectures per week. Laboratory Two 2-hour laboratories per week. Credits: 5 quarter-hours Subject Matter: Continued study of human body structure and function with emphasis on nervous, circulatory, respiratory, endocrine, and advanced material on musculoskeletal systems. Course Regulation, Requirements and Procedures: Attendance and Participation: As the instructor for this class, I respect the fact that college students are adult learners. With this respect comes the obligation that students demonstrate the attributes that make for a successful college student. Successful students attend class, make a point to be on time to class, come prepared for class, and are active participants in the educational process. Each week there will be activities that require active participation in class such as laboratory exercises and in lectures. My expectations are that you will attend class and be an active learner. Failure to do so will have negative consequences for your grade. Missed information from class and missed opportunity to participate in classroom activities will result in your becoming hopelessly behind, which usually results in low performance on lecture tests and lab tests. No unexcused absences allow during testing days!! Please see the instructor preferably before an absence, if not before the absence, then immediately after returning to class. Missed exams (excused absences only) must be made up within one week after returning to class. Lab Exams cannot be made up for any reason. Classroom Decorum: Some general classroom rules: Please be on time to class and do not leave early. It is disruptive to the rest of the students and in fact rude to arrive after class has begun or to leave before the session has ended. Please do not visit during instructor lectures or viewing of videos during class time; it is rude and disruptive to other students. Reserve your visitation to planned activities that require group discussion, such in the laboratory. If you want to visit with your friends, go to the student union for a cup of coffee; do not come to class. Student Responsibilities in this class: Behave toward others in a professional manner Avoid personal attacks, harsh criticism, and objectionable language while communicating with others Pay attention to the course calendar; keep up with the course work Submit your work on time....
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PTAOTA106F2011syllabus - 1 PTA/OTA 106 Regional Human...

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