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Ch2 StudyGuideSummer11 - Microbiology 1 Chapter 2 Study...

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Dr Lisa Summer 2011 1 Review & read Chapter 2. Study the questions below in study groups. Do multiple choice questions (1-20), and the concept questions (1-17) at the end of the chapter. 1. What are CHNOPS? Why are they important to living organisms. Be able to define the following: element, atom, cation, anion, molecule, organic/inorganic compound, isotope. 2. Why are radioisotopes useful to microbiologists & other scientists? 3. What are the main types of bonds? What role does electronegativity play in predicting bonding? How do hydrogen bonds differ from ionic or covalent bonds? Which is the strongest type of bonding in a wet environment? 4. What makes a molecule polar or nonpolar? How does polarity relate to hydrophobicity? 5. What does the statement “Like associates with Like” mean? 6. Be able to identify organic or inorganic molecules. 7. What is an isomer? Is structure related to function in biological molecules? 8. What is a solvent? What is a solute/electrolyte/soluble salt? What is a solution? What types of molecules dissolve in water? What types of molecules do not dissolve in water?
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