Ch8 Metabolism worksheet Summer11

Ch8 Metabolism worksheet Summer11 - Phosphorylation...

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Respiration Worksheet Aerobic Equation? _________________________________________________________ Fermentation? _____________________________________________________________ Anaerobic Equation? (Use S as final e- acceptor)__________________________________________ Metabolism Write Main Oxygen Name the Final Glycolysis Kreb's Oxidative What End How Many Named Eg Type Substrate? Y or No? e- Acceptor?
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Unformatted text preview: Phosphorylation Products? Net ATP? of a critter? Y or No? Y or No?Y or No? Aerobic Respiration Anaerobic Respiration Fermentation Substrate of # ATP? # ATP # NADH # FADH2Name End Location of Other Pathway (Substrate (Oxidative Products of Path Process Information Level) Phosphorylation) in Prok/ Euk? Glycolysis Transition Kreb's Oxidative Phosphorylation...
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