Ch8 Respiration Concept Map

Ch8 Respiration Concept Map - RESPIRATION ‐ AEROBIC =...

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Unformatted text preview: RESPIRATION ‐ AEROBIC = 36/38 ATP, ANAEROBIC = <38 ATP A__________________ B__________________ C__________________ D__________________ E__________________ F__________________ G__________________ H__________________ Vocabulary Acetyl Co‐A CO2 NADH Glucose FADH2 e‐ H2O or H2S or reduced Nox/Sox/Cox Pyruvate FERMENTATION of GLUCOSE (No ETC!! Process occurs ± Oxygen!), 2ATP A________ B________ C________ D________ E________ F________ Vocabulary Ethyl Alcohol CO2 NADH Acetaldehyde Lactic Acid NAD+ (Dr. Huff's Concept Maps slightly modified!!) Cellular Respiration begins with produces a net gain of which is broken down during which occurs in which produces can be used in anaerobic processes such as which produces that is used in aerobic respiration starting with which occurs in the has a net yield of which occurs in the used in the to make ...
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