Ch8 Study GuideSummer2011 - Microbiology 1 Chapter 8 Study...

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Dr. Lisa Summer 2011 1 (1) Review & read Chapter 8. Study the questions below in study groups. Do multiple choice questions & concept questions (end of the chapter). 1. Define metabolism. How do catabolism and anabolism relate to metabolism? What is energy? What is the difference between potential and kinetic energy? Relate the terms endergonic and exergonic to chemical reactions & metabolic pathways/cycles. 2. Review the structure and functions of ATP. Why is it often referred to as the energy currency of the cell? Why can't it be stored? How are the levels of this molecule maintained in the cell? 3. What are the TWO main ways that ATP is made in cells? Which one requires a membrane, cytochromes, enzymes & proton pumps and ATP synthase? Which is more complicated? Which one/s occur during Glycolysis? Pre-Kreb's, Kreb's, Oxidative Phosphorylation? 4. Describe redox reactions. Why are these reactions usually coupled? What are the oxidized/reduced forms of atoms/NAD + /FAD etc. Is oxygen required for redox reactions? 5. What is a chemical reaction? Relate the terms substrate, product, catalyst, enzyme, temperature, molecular collisions, Brownian motion, and activation energy. Why does
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Ch8 Study GuideSummer2011 - Microbiology 1 Chapter 8 Study...

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