Ch910 Study Guide Summer11 - Microbiology 1 Chapter 9/10...

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Dr. Lisa Summer 2011 Review & read Chapters 9 & 10. Study the questions below in study groups. Do multiple choice questions, and the concept questions at the end of each chapter. 1. Define the terms genetics, genome, genes, alleles, phenotype, genotype, genetic code, and genomics. How are these terms related to each other? 2. What is the central dogma of biology? 3. Compare DNA structure and location in viruses, prokaryotes, and eukaryotes. 4. Describe the contributions of Griffith, Avery et al, Hershey & Chase, Wilkins & Franklin, Crick & Watson to the discovery of DNA. 5. Review the structure of DNA & RNA & be sure you understand the importance & location of the 5' & 3' ends of the strands. What does anti-parallel mean? Which bases are complementary? What is the origin? 6. What are the enzymes (helicases, primases, DNA polymerases, ligases etc) & steps of DNA replication (initiation, elongation & termination)? What roles do the 5' and 3' ends (template strands & brand new strands) play in the bidirectional replication of strands at the replication fork? Be able to draw it! Can you replicate a strand of DNA if given the sequence?
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Ch910 Study Guide Summer11 - Microbiology 1 Chapter 9/10...

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