Chapter5 Study GuideSummer11

Chapter5 Study GuideSummer11 - Microbiology 1 Chapter 5...

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Dr. Lisa Summer 2011 1 (1) Review & read Chapter 5. Study the questions below in study groups. Do multiple choice questions (1-16), and the concept questions/writing to learn (1-19) at the end of the chapter. Fill out the blank table on page 158. 1. What is the structure of eukaryotic cells? Be able to list & explain the main differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. How do eukaryotic cells divide? How did eukaryotic cells arise from prokaryotes? 2. What are the main characteristics of the Fungi? What is their general structure? Use terms like: mycology, unicellular/multicellular, microscopic/macroscopic, chitin, hyphae, mycelium, septate, aseptate, dimorphic. 3. What is the main source of food and energy for Fungi? Type of habitat? Reproduction? Classification? Main groups? Medical significance? Are fungi important pathogens of man? What are their positive and negative effects on the planet? Use terms like: eukaryote, aerobe/facultative anaerobe, heterotroph, saprophyte, decomposers, plant pathogens, extracellular enzymes, keratinase, cellulase, asexual reproduction, sporangiospores, conidia,
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Chapter5 Study GuideSummer11 - Microbiology 1 Chapter 5...

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