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Dr. Lisa Summer 2011 1 (1) Review & read Chapter 12. Study the questions below in study groups. Do multiple choice questions (1-13), and the concept questions (1- 8) at the end of the chapter. 1. Define the terms antibiotic, synthetic drug, semi-synthetic drug, 2 nd /3 rd generation antibiotics, antimicrobial agent, chemotherapeutant, and prophylactic. How are these terms related to each other? 2. What historical contributions did scientists such as Ehrlich, Fleming, Florey & Chase and others make to the development of modern chemotherapy? What types of chemotherapeutic agents were first successfully used on patients? 3. What is a superinfection? How and why might it arise in a patient? 4. What is the therapeutic index and how does it relate to human toxicity? 5. Describe how antimicrobial agents are evaluated in the laboratory (phenol coefficient test, MIC/MBC test, Kirkby Bauer disc diffusion test, E-test) 6. Which genera of bacteria and fungi are most important in the production of antibiotics? Why
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