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Chapter15 StudyGuideSummer11 - Microbiology 1 Chapter 15...

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Dr. Lisa Summer 2011 1 (1) Review & read Chapter 15 & the relevant parts of Chapter 17. Study the questions below in study groups. Do multiple choice questions (1-19), and the writing to learn/concept questions (1-17) at the end of the chapter. 1. How does an organism recognize and defend itself against specific pathogens? Be able to define the following terms: antigen, antibody, antiserum, antibody titer. 2. What is meant by the dual nature of the specific/adaptive immune system? What are stem cells and where are they located? How do T and B cells arise and where do they mature? 3. Where are T and B cells found in the lymphatic system? What are their main functions? 4. How does a host recognize “Self” from “Non-self”? Relate these terms to MHC I and MHC II receptors. 5. What is receptor gene rearrangement? When does it occur and in what type of cells? How does it lead to any individual being capable of making over a million structurally distinct antibodies and specific T-cell markers? Approximately how many genes are thought to be involved? Are you born with all the variable lymphocytes you will ever need to combat the millions of antigens you are exposed to over a lifetime? 6. When and why does the process of clonal deletion occur? What are the consequences if this process goes wrong?
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Chapter15 StudyGuideSummer11 - Microbiology 1 Chapter 15...

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