BIOLOGY 251 CHAPTER 1 - 4. Recognize the major events that...

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BIOLOGY 251 CHAPTER 1 VOCABULARY Microbes Pathogenic Genus Species Bacteria Prokaryote Eukaryote Archaea Fungi Protozoa Algae Viruses Helminthes Cell Theory Spontaneous generation Biogenesis Aseptic Technique Fermentation Pasteurization Germ theory of disease Koch’s postulates Vaccination Vaccine Immunity Chemotherapy Antibiotics Bacteriology Mycology Parasitology Genomics Immunology Virology Molecular Biology Microbial Ecology Bioremediation Biotechnology Resistance Emerging infectious diseases
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OBJECTIVES 1. Identify major characteristics that differentiate the 6 major kingdoms of organisms 2. Know how organisms are classified (rRNA sequence) 3. Recognize the “tree of life” and be able to describe how it relates organisms.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Recognize the major events that disproved spontaneous generation 5. Recognize the major developments that occurred during the golden age of Microbiology 6. Identify contributions made by the following scientists; a. Linnaeus b. Pasteur c. Koch d. Jenner e. Flemming f. Lister g. Semmelweis h. Redi i. Hooke j. Leeuwenhoek k. Virchow l. Ehrlich 7. Recognize how microbes interact with the environment such as biogeochemical cycling 8. Be able to discuss what Emerging Infectious Diseases are 9. Identify major impacts the microbes have on society 10. Know Kochs Postulates...
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BIOLOGY 251 CHAPTER 1 - 4. Recognize the major events that...

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