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BIOLOGY 251 CHAPTER 4 - Learning Objectives 1 Compare and...

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BIOLOGY 251 - Chapter 4 Vocabulary Binary fission Cocci Bacilli Spiral Strepto- Staphylo- Vibrio Spirochete Monomorphic Pleomorphic Capsule Slime layer Glycocalyx Lipopolysaccharide endotoxin Flagella Monotrichous Amphitrichous Lophotrichous Peritrichous Chemotaxis Phototaxis Thermotaxis Axial filament/endoflagella Fimbriae Pili Conjugation Cell wall Peptidoglycan Teichoic acid NAG/NAM Gram + Gram – Gram Stain Protoplast Spheroplast Lysis Mycolic acid Plasma membrane Osmosis Fluid mosaic model Selective permeability Inclusion Bodies Chromatophores Metachromatic granules Polysaccharide granules Lipid inclusions Sulfur granules Gas vacuouls Magnetosome Carboxysomes Simple diffusion Facilitated diffusion Symport Antiport Active transport Secondary active transport Group translocation Cytoplasm Nucleoid Plasmids Ribosomes Endospores Germination
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Unformatted text preview: Learning Objectives 1. Compare and contrast the structures of prokaryotes and eukaryotes 2. Identify the three basic shapes of bacteria 3. describe the structure and function of the capsule and extracellulalr appendages – (flagella, axial filaments, fimbriae and pili) 4. Identify the major structural differences of gram + and gram – cell walls 5. Be able to describe the different processes for active and passive transport of materials across the cell membrane 6. Be able to describe the functions of the various inclusion bodies 7. Be able to describe the processes of sporulation and germination 8. Be able to describe the functions of the membrane bound organelles associated with eukaryotic cells....
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