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BIOLOGY 251 CHAPTER 14 - Zoonoses Contact transmission...

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Chapter 14 – Principles of disease and epidemiology. Vocabulary Pathology Etiology Pathogenesis Infection Disease Normal microbiota Transient microbiota Microbial antagonism Symbiosis Commensalism Mutualism Parasitism Opportunistic pathogens Koch’s postulates Symptom Sign Syndrome Communicable disease Contagious disease Non-communicable disease Incidence Prevalence Sporadic disease Endemic disease Epidemic disease Pandemic disease Acute disease Chronic disease Sub-acute disease Latent disease Herd immunity Local infection Systemic infection Focal infection Bacteremia Sepsis Toxemia Viremia Primary infection Secondary infection Sub-clinical infection Predisposing factors
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Incubation period Prodromal period Period of illness Period of decline Period of convalescence Reservoirs of infections Carriers
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Unformatted text preview: Zoonoses Contact transmission Fomite Droplet transmission Vehicle Vector Biological transmission Nosocomial infection Compromised host Epidemiology Descriptive epidemiology Analytical epidemiology Experimental epidemiology Case reporting Morbidity Mortality Notifiable diseases Concepts 1. Be able to discuss the terms associated with disease, pathology and infection. 2. Be able to discuss the different symbiotic relations between microorganisms. 3. Know Koch’s postulates. 4. Discuss the patterns of disease (infection progression recovery, etc. 5. Identify the various routes of infection, reservoirs of infection, routes of transmission. 6. Identify the various fields of epidemiology....
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BIOLOGY 251 CHAPTER 14 - Zoonoses Contact transmission...

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