BIOLOGY 251 CHAPTER 15 - Concepts 1 Discuss the various...

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Chapter 15 – Microbial Mechanisms of Pathology Vocabulary Portal of entryparenteral route ID50 LD50 Adherence Capsules M protein Coagulases Kinases Hyaluronidase Collagenase Antigenic Variation Invasins Siderophores Toxins Toxigenicity Toxemia Exotoxins Endotoxins Antitoxins Leukocidins Hemolysins Superantigens Lipid A IL1septic shock TNF Lysogenic conversion CPE Contact inhibition Portals of exit
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Unformatted text preview: Concepts 1. Discuss the various ways a microbe gains access to a host 2. Discuss the various ways a microbe can penetrate host defences 3. Discuss how various pathogens damage the host cells 4. Discuss the pathogenic properties of viruses, fungi, protozoa, helminthes, and algae 5. Discuss the various portals of exit...
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