BIOLOGY 251 CHAPTER 20 - Semisynthetic penicillins...

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Chapter 20 Objectives Vocabulary Chemotherapy Antimicrobial drugs Selective toxicity Spectrum of microbial activity Superinfection Penicillin Beta lactam ring MRSA Disk-diffusion method Use-dilution test MIC MBC siRNA Objectives 1. Identify where most of the naturally occurring antibiotics come from 2. Describe the problems of chemotherapy for viral, fungal, protozoan, and helminthic infections 3. Understand spectrum of activity 4. identify the five major targets of antimicrobial drugs 5. Identify contributions by Ehrlich, Flemming, Florey, and Waksman 6. Explain the mechanisms of action for currently used antiviral drugs. 7. Describe two tests for microbial susceptibility to chemotherapeutic agents 8. Describe mechanisms of drug resistance
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Antibacterials Inhibitors of cell wall syntehsis Natural Penicillins
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Unformatted text preview: Semisynthetic penicillins Cephalosporins Polypeptide antibiotics Antimycobacterials Inhibitors of Protein Synthesis Aminoglycosisdes s Macrolides Stretogramins Oxazolidinones Injury to plasma membrane Polymyxin B Inhibitors of nucleic acid synthesis Rifampin Quinolones and Fluoroquinolones – ciprofloxacin, NA Competitive Inhibitors of metabolites Sulfonamides Antifungal Plasma membrane disruptors Polyenes Azoles Allylamines Cell Wall inhibitors Echinocandins Nucleic Acid inhibitors Anti-virals Nucleoside and nucleotide analogs Disruptors of Attachment and Uncoating Interferons Antiprotozoans Inhibition of DNA Synthesis Metabolism disruption Antihelminthic Plasma membrane disruption Metabolism disruption...
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BIOLOGY 251 CHAPTER 20 - Semisynthetic penicillins...

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