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Short Oral Report 25 points Overview of assignment: The purpose of this assignment is to familiarize the student with nutrition research published in peer reviewed journals. All students will learn about current nutrition research. Each student will be assigned a journal article from a peer reviewed journal that discusses a nutrition study or a review of studies in nutrition. This journal article will serve as the basis for a 3-5 minute oral summary in class and a written summary (250 words/1 page or less). Suggested reading: IFIC REVIEW document, found on Nutrition 121 course website under “Useful Links”. Each student must find their article and obtain a copy of it. DO NOT SIMPLY OBTAIN AN ABSTRACT, STUDENTS SHOULD PRINT OFF ENTIRE ARTICLE. Most articles are between 5-10 pages in length. Guidelines: Instructor will hand out a sign up sheet for possible dates to present the summary of the article as a short oral report. Two students will present on each date listed on the sign up sheet. Short oral reports will be presented during the first 10 minutes of class (10 points). If a student misses the assigned date due to absence or being late to class, the grade for the assignment will be zero, unless medical documentation provided for absence and instructor is notified ahead of time. Written Report: Written reports will be turned in to the instructor on the same date as the short oral report is scheduled, prior to giving the oral report. Written reports shall TYPED in the student’s OWN WORDS, and not more than 1 page in length, providing a summary of the article read. Attach copy of article to the report. This must be the entire article, not the abstract (15 points). In class oral report: Report should be 3-5 minutes (NO LONGER), providing a summary of the article that was read (what was investigated and what were findings?). Students do not need to stand up in front of the class; standing or sitting at desk is acceptable. Do not read directly from written summary/report. Grading is based on: Thoroughly completing assignment and following guidelines. Succinctly summarizing the article assigned.
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HOW TO ACCESS ASSIGNED PEER REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLE: Many journals are available online as well as in the library. Your citation, below, will tell you the name of the journal you need to locate and the article title, volume, date and page numbers. Journals that are in the library, where articles can be photocopied include: JAMA: The journal of the American Medical Association AJCN: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition JADA: Journal of the American Dietetics Association (ONLY IN LIBRARY, NO ONLINE ACCESS) All other journals are accessible online only. Journals Online
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121asmt02 - Short Oral Report 25 points Overview of...

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