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TMCC – Nutrition 121 Laboratory INTRODUCTION Lab Description Nutrition 121 is transferable to UNR as a Natural Sciences Group B core curriculum course. “The function of a university education is not only to prepare students for successful careers in their chosen fields but also to provide them with the knowledge and skills to develop a rational and lucid personal identity, to introduce then to a variety of perspectives from which to grasp the complexity of experience, and to help them gain an appreciative understanding of the natural and cultural environments in which they live an their riled as responsible citizens of the world, the nation, and the state. ..Throughout the core curriculum, students will write and have their writing critiqued and graded for quality. All core curriculum science courses include significant mathematical content [and] appropriate laboratory experiences.” Science is not only a body of knowledge, a collection of facts, but it is also the process of how that knowledge is discovered. The laboratory portion of Nutrition 121 is designed to provide practical application of the knowledge you are learning in class and introduce you to the process of science, the scientific method. There are four lab experiences for this class. You must attend all four labs in your scheduled time slot (some labs may have double labs where students attend two labs on one scheduled date). There are NO make- up labs. Lab Objectives Gain an understanding of the scientific method through the collection and interpretation of nutritionally oriented data and designing an original experiment Demonstrate critical thinking skills Demonstrate writing proficiency Demonstrate math competency
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Attendance You are responsible for attending lab at the scheduled time for the section of 121 that you are registered in. Do not attend a different lab section, unless the instructor has granted permission to do so. The labs start promptly at the scheduled time. You will have a 10 point quiz at the start of lab covering the important points of the lab or you will have an online quiz (see syllabus for the section that you are enrolled in). The quizzes will only be handed out at the beginning of lab. If you arrive late or do not take the quiz via Angel, you will forfeit the quiz points. General Lab Procedures
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121labintro - TMCC Nutrition 121 Laboratory INTRODUCTION...

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