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Impressive Experiences as a Customer This week I had an impressive experience as a customer or online shopping with WhatSheBuys.com. I went to their website for random shopping, and I did not notice that much differences for their website from other online shopping website. As usual, they asked me to register on their website as a new user, and follow the same way as other online retailers. The thing I am very impressive with was their after-sales customers’ service and their unique way to maintain customer relationship. When I received the tote I purchased from their website, I was surprised that they even gift-wrapped a little bit even I did not ask for. And the enclosed a notecard to say thank you for my purchase with them. I went back to my account and double checked if they charged me for gift-wrapping, and they did not. This made me have a good impression about this website. After several days, their customer service team even called for my opinions about my initial purchase with them. In order to show their care and love to
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Unformatted text preview: value me as a new customer, they even followed up me with exclusive coupons in emails. I liked when they put the email subject as “Shhhhhhhhhhhh, don’t tell others. “ It makes me feel special, and it is especially for me. This experience can be closely tied with corporate strategies. A company can outperform rivals only if it can establish a difference that it can preserve. I think WhatSheBuys.com performs similar online shopping activities better than rivals perform them. Its customer service made me definitely a long-term customer or as least it makes me or attracts to come back and shop at their website. Their strategic customer service meets customers’ needs or even customers’ potential concerns. It makes me feel valuable and respectful even as a regular customer. The essence of strategic positioning can be based on customers’ needs, customers’ accessibility, or variety of a company’s products or services....
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