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class #2 notes-1

class #2 notes-1 - Lecture Notes and ALPS Case Class#2...

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Lecture Notes and ALPS Case… Class #2 Checks email on Monday morning...not much on weekends Grab Handout at the end of class 5 people on each team We are Team 10: Exclusive Agreement- You are the only one who represents the company; no competition Get notes from first day Corporate Change- Rights- Salary- affects mostly everyone Financing- Partnership Agreement- Prenuptial Agreement- who gets what in the event of a divorce/ counter BYU culture Severance Agreement- CEOs agreements when they are terminated Letters of Credit- ex. Take out a letter of credit with the bank; the bank will give him credit in case his business doesn't work out; the bank holds the money in the letter of credit and sends it to the other company for reference; middleman to manage the transaction- look this up; bank gives the money to the buyer Look up Simulation Topics on Blackboard Distributive- zero-sum; one gets the most value; win-lose; objective is to get all you can; dollar experiment; door to door sales; haggling; curfew;
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