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Personal Participation / Professsionalism Grade Professor Bond, Marketing 341 Class Name: Kexiang Hu Section: Section 4 To help me assess your professionalism and participation in class, I would like your own personal assessment of your performance. I will be using your feedback as guidance. I reserve the right to adjust scores (up or down) to reflect my own perception. Please highlight (e.g. change color, bold, or outline) your personal performance for each statement. Total points should be added up below. Please feel free to include any written justification if you feel it's needed. Thanks! ----Bro. Bond Professionalism I was on time to class (or notified Brother Bond otherwise). 1 2 3 4 5 I have no concept of time Late 6-8 times Late 4-5 times Late 2 or 3 days Always (except once) My technology usage during class was only for class purposes. 1 2 3 4 5 I was "one with technology" I surfed 6-8 times I surfed 4 or 5 times I surfed 2 or 3 times Always (except once) I was respectful and listened while others were speaking.
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