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2/10/2011 1 Modeling the Pinhole Camera Projection, perspective, matrices Pinhole Cameras ` What do we mean by “modeling a camera”? ` What is the relation between a real world (3D) object and its 2D image? ` Why modeling cameras? ` Stitch images ` Recover 3D information (stereo vision) ` Cameras are modeled as pinhole cameras. ` What is a pinhole camera?
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2/10/2011 2 ¾ Camera obscura dates from 15th Camera Obscura century. ¾ In 1490 Leonardo Da Vinci gave two clear descriptions of the camera obscura in his notebooks. Many of the first camera obscuras were large rooms like that illustrated by the Dutch scientist Reinerus Gemma-Frisius in 1544 for use in observing a solar eclipse: Pinhole Camera ` Pinhole camera is the abstraction. ` The human eye functions very much like a camera
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