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Project I (Math Modeling I for GAUSS 2011) Due dates: Part 0 and Part 1 (February 10, 2011), Part 2 (Feb. 15), Part 3 (Feb. 17) Solve MCM 1998 Problem A . (1-3 persons groups are allowed). Description : In this project, you need to read one of two papers ( paper1 , paper2 ) and based on your understanding of our lecture and these papers, you need to submit your solution to this problem. Name your file as Project1Part1, etc. Choose your own title and include all group members’ names as authors. Step 0 : Propose the data set you will use and give a reasonable description of the data set. As required by Problem A, you may use your own data set (for extra 10 points) but it should be close to MRI data as close as possible. Or, you may use the data I provided (see suggestion below). Step 1 : Write a one-page report on the paper you choose to read. In this report, you need to: (i) explain the general idea of the paper’s solution to the problem; (ii) point out what kind of mathematics is used in the solution; (iii) list the strength and weakness of the paper.
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Unformatted text preview: Step 2 : Propose your solution. You may use the solution provided in the paper you read, improve it, or give a new solution of your own. Provide all technical details on your solution. You need to implement your solution (i.e., displaying image on any plane). Final Step : Submit your complete solution (including all m files and outputs) in the same format as the paper you read. This part will be graded (plus your data set bonus, if any). Helpful Suggestions : 1. You may explore and use Matlab’s image processing toolbox (load mri) or you may load mri4proj1 by downloading the file mri4proj1.mat at the class’s web page (which allows you to have a matrix named D) 2. The report should follow the same format as the two sample papers but with your own words and understanding. 3. Matlab has a command slice that can be used to help you visualize the data. Read more on slice...
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