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Project Three (Due: 10:00am, April 5, 2011) General Instruction : This is an individual project but you are allowed to discuss in groups on all the issues related to the project. The final write up must be in your own words. Start to work on your project as early as possible. Purposes : 1. Understand the face recognition problem. 2. Use PCA to solve the face recognition problem. 3. Matlab input and output commands for dealing with directory structure and images. Description Part I: Clearly state the problem of face recognition and formulate it as a mathematical problem. (Introduce the necessary variables/notations and use the linear algebra language) Part II: Present a solution to the problem by using PCA method and carefully describe the algorithm.
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Unformatted text preview: Part III: Implement the algorithm. (Using the image data set provided at the course web site. Note: Each image is of size 180 by 200. The data set contains the images of 20 students, each with 4 poses. So, there are 80 images. Download and decompress the files (of images) into a subdirectory named “images”.) Submit one single file (in PDF, doc, or docx format) for your report in the format we have been using in project 1 and project 2. Include your m ‐ file as an appendix of your report. Submit to the course email, not my personal email address. Remark. I will call students to demonstrate their programs as part of classroom participation....
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