Write two testing functions

Write two testing - distance is smaller than a prescribed positive(very small number we think then match is accurate 2 The second testing function

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Write two testing functions: 1. The first testing function does an exhaustive testing by going through each of the unused images in the training stage and returns the percentage of accurate recognition. An accurate recognition can be measure in two ways: (i) use the file name (the files in the images directory are named using the convention/format: last.dd.jpg where last is the last name of the person and dd is a two-digits number, and jpg is the file extension); (ii) use the “distance”: when the
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Unformatted text preview: distance is smaller than a prescribed positive (very small) number, we think then match is accurate. 2. The second testing function using only a random sample of a size much smaller than the size of the available testing images (that could be in thousands). Again, it returns a percentage of the accuracy....
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