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HUEC 4072 – History of Adornment and Dress after 1700 August 24, 2011 DRESS is the assemblage of modifications of the body and/or supplements to the body PROPERTIES OF DRESS o Sight (associates most with dress) - red shirt o Touch – soft velvet dress o Smell – sweet perfume or deodorant o Sound – squeaky shoes, ruffling silk skirts o Taste – fruit flavored lipgloss FUNCTIONS OF DRESS Dress acts as o 1. ALTERNATES OF BODY PROCESSES Either positive (fleece pajamas in the winter) or negative (suit of armor) Serves simultaneously a microphysical environment and interface between body and macrophysical environment Components of the macro-environment Biological (life forms- plants, animals) o Bee suit, camouflage, cowboy chaps Physical (earth- weather, terrain) o Wet suit Supernatural (gods, spirits, luck) o Cross, rabbits foot, mood rings Environment has been greatly modified by human beings. Dress has functioned in response to these modifications (air-conditioning, central heat)
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HUEC 4072 notes -...

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