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STUDY_TERMS_FOR_4072_Exam_1 - Robe a Anglaise Robe battante...

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COSTUME STUDY TERMS FOR HUEC 4072 – EXAM 1 You should know the definitions/descriptions for the following terms and/or be able to recognize them visually. 1 Introduction, Preface, Chapter 1 Dress Clothes/clothing Costume Draped dress Fashion Folk costume Style Tailored dress Western dress Zeitgeist Chapter 10 The Eighteenth Century Anglomania Banyan Bergere Boot cuffs Calash, caleche Caracao Casaquin Catogan Chapeau bras Chemise a la reine Clog Club wig Engageantes Eschelles Fall False rumps Fashion babies Foretop Frock coat Gaiters Greatcoat Hedgehog hairstyle Hoops Macaroni Mantua-style gown Panniers Pet-en-lair Polonaise
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Queue Redingote Robe a la francaise
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Unformatted text preview: Robe a Anglaise Robe battante Robe volante Round gown Sacque Shepherdess hat Short gown Skeleton suit Smock frock Smocking spatterdashers, spats Steinkirk Tete de mouton (hairstyle) Toupee Under petticoat Chapter 11 The Directoire and Empire Period: 1900-1920 A la Titus (hairstyle) A la victime (hairstyle) Bonner rouge Carmagnole Cossacks Dandy Drawers Grecian bend Gypsy hat Habit shirt High stomacher dress Incroyable Indispensable Merveilleuse Pantalettes Pantaloons Pelisse Petticoat (undergarment) Reticule Round gowns Sans culottes Spencer Tail coat Trousers...
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