exam 2 study terms

exam 2 study terms - Pelerine mantlet Pelisse-robe...

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COSTUME STUDY TERMS FOR HUEC 4072 – EXAM 2 You should know the definitions/descriptions for the following terms and/or be able to recognize them visually. Chapter 12 Romantic Period 1820-850 A la Chinoise (hairstyle) Bavolet Beak (waistcoat) Bertha Bishop sleeve Bonnet Bowler hat Box coat Burnous Bustle Canezou Capote Carriage dress Chatelaine Chemisette Chesterfield Cravat Curricle coat Day dress Demi-gigot sleeve Derby hat Drawn bonnet Dressing gown En Coeur(neckline) Eton suit Fichu pelerine Galoshes Gigot sleeve Gilet corsage Hussar front(waistcoat) Imbecile, idiot sleeve Jeanette Leg-of-mutton sleeve Mackintosh Mantlet Marie sleeve Morning dress Negro cloth Newmarket Paletot(men’s)
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Paletot(women’s) Pardessus Pelerine
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Unformatted text preview: Pelerine mantlet Pelisse-robe Promenade dress Ruching Santon Shawl mantlet Sleeve en bouffant Sleeve en sabot Stock Top hat Trousers Tunic suit Undersleeves Victoria sleeve Waistcoat Walking dress Chapter 13 The Crinoline Period 1850-1869 Barege Basque Bloomer costume Blue jeans Braces Cage crinoline Chamber syndicale de la Couture Parisiene Fichu Frock overcoat Garibaldi blouse Inverness cape Knickerbockers, knickers Levi’s Lounging jacket Middy blouse Morning coat Pagoda sleeve Pea jacket Pelisse mantle Princess dress Raglan cape Reefer Rotonde Sack jacket Sailor suits Shawl mantle Snood Talma mantle Wide awake (hat) Zouave...
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exam 2 study terms - Pelerine mantlet Pelisse-robe...

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