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The Crinoline Period notes

The Crinoline Period notes - o Snood Net cap/hair net o Day...

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September 26, 2011 THE CRINOLINE PERIOD: WOMEN 1850s Burnouse o A hooded cape or coat worn by men or women Bloomers o Worn with short skirts o Every one made fun of them Drawers o Made of cotton Chemise o Worn over the under drawers o Chemise, petticoat, then outer garments o Over the chemise was a CORSET o Over the corset went a CAMISOLE o Then a hoop skirt, then a petti coat Hairstyles o Parted in the middle
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Unformatted text preview: o Snood Net cap/hair net o Day cap o Bonnet o Pork pie hat Low crowned, brim hat • Accessories o Under sleeves and chemisette o Footwear Little square toes, little flat heels Laced o Parasol o Misers purse o Jewelry CRINOLINE PERIOD: MEN AND CHILDREN • Undergarments Drawers (in museum) 1. Long, fairly narrow, pointed waste Undershirts in cold weather...
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