exam 3 study terms

exam 3 study terms - Rationals Ready-to-wear clothing...

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COSTUME STUDY TERMS FOR HUEC 4072 Exam 3 You should know the definitions/descriptions for the following terms and/or be able to recognize them visually. Note: * indicates term discussed but not specified in text, will be presented in class lectures. Chapter 14 The Bustle Period and the Nineties 1870-1900 Aesthetic Art nouveau Boa Bust bodice Bust improvers Bustle Camisole Combination(undergarment) Deerstalker cap Dinner jacket Fedora Homburg Jersey Kate Greenaway style Leg-of-mutton sleeve Little Lord Fauntleroy Suit Mourning crape Norfolk jacket Princess polonaise
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Unformatted text preview: Rationals Ready-to-wear clothing Shirtwaist (blouse) Tailor-made costume Tea gown Tuxedo Ulster Union suit 1 Chapter 15 The Edwardian Period and World War I Ascot Blazer Brassiere Delphos gown Duster Four-in-hand tie Haute couture Hobble skirt Jodhpurs Juliet cap Knickers(undergarment) Lingerie dress Lounge coat Minaret tunic Pajamas Panama (hat) Peg-top skirt Picture hat Pompadour Princess petticoat Pullover Sport jacket Stetson (hat) Straw boater Swiss belt Top coat Trench coat Trilby (hat) 2...
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exam 3 study terms - Rationals Ready-to-wear clothing...

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