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1 Osmoregulation and Excretion Chapter 44 Jeopardy Time Diffusion is_________________? A. a passive process (meaning it does not require ATP) B. the process of molecules spontaneously moving from a solution of high concentration to one of low concentration C. Both A and B Jeopardy Time Osmosis is_________________? A. The movement of water from a solution of low solute concentration to a solution of high solute concentration. B. A way of absorbing new material by placing a book on your head. C. a special case of diffusion D. Both A and C Key Concepts 1. What is osmoregulation? 2. Osmotic challenges across habitats 3. Kidney structure and function 4. Regulation of kidney function 5. (If time) Extremes – Desert Rats, and Marine Mammals Major Processes: Diffusion and Osmosis Freeman Fig. 42.1a When solutes can move across barriers Freeman Fig. 42.1b Low Osmolarity High Osmolarity Major Processes: Diffusion and Osmosis When Solutes CAN’T move across barrier
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2 • Important to understand the basics of diffusion and osmosis: ¾ Affects water or solute balance in body tissues ¾ Important in kidney function More on this later! Major Processes: Diffusion and Osmosis Osmoregulation Osmoregulation is the process of regulating the concentration of solutes and water in the body. Over time, the loss and uptake of water must balance. = homeostasis Osmolarity - the total solute concentration of a solution Hypo osmotic – a solution has a relatively lower solute concentration compared to another solution Some terms Hyper osmotic - a solution has a relatively higher
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Notes_for_Posting_Chapter_44_Part_1 - Osmoregulation and...

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