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Final Exam Study Terms - including terms. bottom up theory...

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COSTUME STUDY TERMS FOR HUEC 4072 Final Exam 2010 Chapter 19 + Comprehensive Introduction (Preface - Ch. 1) Be sure to review the introductory materials in both your text and your syllabus! The comprehensive part of your Final exam will include pictures of fashionable dress from 1700 to 2008 that you will need to identify by time period and questions based on the course introduction. Dress Clothes/clothing Costume Draped dress Fashion Folk costume Style Tailored dress Western dress Zeitgeist 1980-2008 (Chapter 19) 20+% of the final exam will cover Chapter 19 introduction & background material,
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Unformatted text preview: including terms. bottom up theory casual dress conspicuous consumption conspicuous leisure conspicuous outrage cosplay deconstructionist fashion environmental issues ethnic influences fashionista industrial fashion Japanese design kiddie couture luxury fashion minimalist fashion off-price retailing postmodernism power suit preppies quick response retro fashion street fashion style tribe trickle down theory tweens unisex clothing vintage clothing yuppies...
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