CubeSat Mass Budget

CubeSat Mass Budget - [10 TNC 3.5 30-35 tranceiver 6.5...

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Purdue University AAE 490/590 CubeSat Mass Budget Budgeted Actual Subsystem Component Percentage of Total Allocated Mass (g) Mass Estimate (g) Variance (g) Structure [20] 200 [12] Magnetometer 0.4 4 GG boom GG deployment mech. Electromagnet(s) Central Computer [15] 120-150 Communications
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Unformatted text preview: [10] TNC 3.5 30-35 tranceiver 6.5 50-65 Power [20] solar cells batteries Electrical Interfaces [3] voltage converter Science Payload [20] camera 11 110 radiation detector 9 90 Total Mass 604-654 Attitude Dynamics and Control System...
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