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EE610 HW#9 - Due November 15, 2011 1) problems 5.18, 5.19, 5.20 (Assume the machine is 3-Phase), 5.22, 5.24, 5.25, 5.26 in Krause, Wasynczuk, and Sudhoff. 2) Starting with the steady state equations in the rotor frame of reference. Derive the phasor equivalent circuit for the wound rotor synchronous machine with . 3) Given the steam turbine machine parameterized in Table 5.10-2. The field current excitation is initially set to provide rated voltage under open-circuit conditions at rated rotor speed. The machine is then connected into the utility system and the steam valve is adjusted to provide 400 MW power. Draw the phasor voltage, current, and as first for this operating condition, and then for the case in with the field voltage field voltage is increased by 50%. Show that is the same for both cases, and that
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Unformatted text preview: is also constant for these cases. 4) A 1500 v, 3-phase synchronous motor is driving a pump. The field has an adjustable rheostat and the stator windings have ammeters to monitor current. When the rheostat is adjusted so that the ac line current is a minimum, the ammeter indicates 5A. a) What horsepower is being delivered to the pump (neglect losses)? b) How should the rheostat be adjusted so that the motor is operating at .8 power factor leading? c) What is the reactive power being supplied to the system at .8 power factor leading? 4) The field current of a synchronous motor is increased, causing the line current to decrease. Was the machine operating at leading, lagging, or unity power factor before the change? L q L d L s = = E as I s θ ei ss ( 29 ( 29 cos I fd δ ss ( 29 sin...
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