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Unformatted text preview: Structural Health Monitoring Demonstrator (SHMD) Group Members: Joshua Siler Stas Yerusky Joe Welch David Harsanyi Seth Limp Natasha Wall Brian Hutto Bryan Engle Paul Reiber Mission Overview Mission Overview SHMD usage – Mechanical Engineering and Aviation Technology collaborative research project – Test in flight electronic structural health monitoring devices for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) Secondary missions – Forest air sampling – Law enforcement aerial surveillance Aircraft Design Specs All metal aircraft construction powered by a O­100 4 cylinder, 2 stroke engine Specs – – – – – Engine hp Cruise speed Landing speed Desired empty weight Pay load 72hp at 4100 RPM 130 MPH 50 MPH 400 pounds 100 pounds First Spiral Test Overview First Spiral Test Overview Physically build and model various sheet metal beams – I­beam – Two bend – Open channel Stress test using – CATIA FEA – Physically mounted beam and piston Materials Materials All Aluminum Construction – I­BEAM – – – – Web­ .032 2024­T3 Angles .063 6061­T6 Cap Strips .032 2024­T3 Stiffeners .032 2024 T3 – AD4705­5 Universal Head Rivets – AD4704­4 Universal Head Rivets Construction Construction 3 Foot I­Beam – 4 Hours For Completion – 118 Rivets Total – End Weight of 2.58 Lbs. 3 Flanged Lightning Holes were added to help reduce weight Found to be a insufficient weight loss method due to height of the web Testing Testing In our circumstances the cantilever testing apparatus is being used to load a structural representation of our wing spars, as if loaded by the lifting force our wings would present. TEST STAND TEST STAND Loads on the Spar Loads on the Spar Shear forces Twisting/Bending – The upwards loading of the spar translates into compressive shear on the upper surface (upper spar caps) and a tensile stress on the lower spar caps. The moment is the highest at the spar root (connection point to the test stand) and lowest at the spar tip. Over all specifications and Over all specifications and Predicted Failures The constructed I & U beams used extruded 90deg. Spar caps of .063 and .125 respectively, All test spars were 3ft long and 4inches high Weights and predicted Failure: – – – I = 1335g failing @ 400 lbs U = 1171g failing @ 850 lbs C = 723g failing @ 430 lbs Actual Failure in pounds Actual Failure in pounds Constructed I beam = 981 lbs Constructed U beam = 740 lbs Bent C channel = 250 lbs C­CHANNEL C­CHANNEL Prediction Calculations Prediction Calculations Cantilever Beam Bending Tested for estimated failures Major Failure Mode Bending Compression Fcy typical = 36 ksi. to 40 ksi. Pxy Equation to predict failure: I P = load, I is Inertia, x is the distance to the load from the root and y is the max distance from the Neutral Axis of the beam. Hand Calculation ­ First Beam Hand Calculation ­ First Beam I­beam style design Failure: compression 1000 lbs. Actual: compression/torsion 990 lbs. Hand Calculation ­ Second Hand Calculation ­ Second Beam Two bend style design Failure: compression 417 lbs. Actual: compression/torsion 390 lbs. Hand Calculation ­ Third Beam Hand Calculation ­ Third Beam Open channel style design Failure: compression 823 lbs. Actual: compression/torsion ??? lbs. CATIA FEA Test ­ First Beam CATIA FEA Test ­ First Beam Failure Point I­beam style design Failure: compression 1100 lbs Web failure CATIA Calculation ­ Second Beam CATIA Calculation ­ Second Beam Failure Point Two bend style design Failure: compression 450 lbs C­channel structure failed CATIA Calculation ­ Third Beam CATIA Calculation ­ Third Beam Failure Point Open channel style design Failure: compression 300 lbs Web failure Design And Future Spiral Design And Future Spiral Conceptual design – Airplane design – Airfoil design Future Spiral – Choosing an airfoil – Wind tunnel testing Conceptual Wing Design Conceptual Wing Design 24x2ft box wing design Straight or swept wing Tapered wing/ Winglets Cruise speed130 MPH Landing speed 50 MPH Future Spiral Future Spiral NACA airfoil that fits parameters – Is it what we need? – Can we build it? Foam wing section Wind tunnel testing – Velocity profile – Stall testing ...
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