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Unformatted text preview: The Seraphim Program The Seraphim Part I Advanced VTOL Aircraft Concept Brent Robbins Christopher Fisher Daniel Chakraborty See­Chen Lee Project Proposal Project Presentation Overview • • • • • Project Objective Baseline Design Design Strategies Construction Strategies Project Timeline Project Proposal Project Project Objectives • Design aircraft to meet specific mission requirements • Construct model for data acquisition • Perform wind tunnel testing for aerodynamic and stability analysis • Convert model to RC capability Project Proposal Project Baseline Design • • • Integrated Fan­In­Lateral­Body Lifting System Bi­Wing Pusher Propeller + = ??? Project Proposal Project Design Strategies • Integrate Bi­Wing and Fan­In­Wing design into one aircraft • Calculate needed performance and sizing of VTOL hardware • Simulate flight using computer packages • Gather critical data from wind tunnel testing • Modify model for RC use • Analyze Data • Reiterate Process Project Proposal Project Construction Strategies • Build precise scaled down model for wind tunnel use • Construct model out of foam/composite materials • Modify model for RC use • Possibly use refurbished RC aircraft parts and engine Project Proposal Project PROJECT TIMELINE Weight Estimation VTOL hardware s pace estimation Wing Design Tail Design Fuselage Design Propulsion Design Computer Simulations Optimization Model Construction Wind Tunnel Testing RC Flight Testing DATE: 2/14/2003 2/21/2003 2/28/2003 3/8/2003 3/14/2003 3/21/2003 4/4/2003 4/11/2003 4/18/2003 4/25/2003 ...
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