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Progress Report Fall 2001 Week #5 Eppler 387 Testing David N. Loffing September 15, 2001
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Introduction: Preliminary testing of the Eppler 387 last week recorded higher than expected values for drag, compared to data collected by Selig and Eppler. 1,2 Changes to the test stand were made in the hopes of reducing the stands influence on drag measurements. Further testing of the Eppler 387 was done at higher Reynolds numbers testing both the balances accuracy and the TSP/Hotwing information. Test Stand Modifications: In an attempt to reduce the drag due to the wires used in the TSP/Hotwing experiments a thicker airfoil was used to cover the test stand struts and the 12-gaug wire that is connected to the wing model. Since there was only one of these struts it was attached to the side closets to the door of the wind tunnel. The wire was then feed down between the strut and the test stand. The other wire on the starboard side was held as loose as possible to the front edge of the strut with duct tape. During wind tunnel test of this setup negative drag was measured from the balance. The severity of this erroneous drag measurement increased with changing of the angle of attack, thus it was concluded that the solid 12-gaug copper wires were interfering with the free movement of the wing. As the wing was moved about its range of motion with the wind tunnel off it also became
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Progress Report Example2 - Progress Report Fall 2001 Week...

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