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Demonstration of Flight Characteristics Using a Scaled Aircraft Model AAE 490T/590R Team #4 Progress Report 4 Week 3 (03/07/08 – 03/20/08) Meeting Times : Tuesday 4:30pm-6:00pm Thursday 10:15am-12:00pm Team Members Hours Contributed Signature Tatsuya Kotegawa David Predis John Wright Jennifer Jackson Sricharan Ayyalasomayajula
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This week’s accomplishments 1. Experiment Details of the experiment were discussed and the objectives were defined: Figure 1: Visualization of Experiment - A scaled aircraft is placed inside the ARMS wind tunnel connected by a stand that only allows movement in the pitching direction. The aircraft CG can be moved to three different locations (0%, 25% and 50% chord) and the elevator deflection is controlled electronically by the students running the experiment; the aircraft is designed so that it can be trimmed when elevator deflection is within an appropriate range. - Students will explore the effects of CG position and elevator deflection on the stability characteristics of aircraft via trim diagram and pitching motion (AoA vs. time). - Students will be able to observe the correlation between the trim diagram and real aircraft pitching motion (i.e. steeper the trim curve, the faster the a/c will stabilize at the equilibrium angle of attack- AoAe). -
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progress_report4 - Demonstration of Flight Characteristics...

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