progress_report8 - Demonstration of Flight Characteristics...

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Demonstration of Flight Characteristics Using a Scaled Aircraft Model AAE 490T/590R Team #4 Progress Report 8 Week 10 (4/4/08 – 4/10/08) Meeting Times : Tuesday 4:30pm-6:00pm Thursday 10:15am-12:00pm Team Members Hours Contributed Signature Tatsuya Kotegawa David Predis John Wright Jennifer Jackson Sricharan Ayyalasomayajula
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This week’s accomplishments 1. Coating The coating has been changed once again. It had been brought to the team’s attention that the AIAA team uses Microlite on all of their foam. Microlite has a lower activation temperature than the previous choice, EconoKote. The combination of a lower activation temperature required to apply the coating and the knowledge that Microlite has worked in the past swayed the team’s decision. The coating, Microlite, has been purchased and is expected to arrive this week. Figure 1. Microlite Coating 2. Update of the Mount This week the mount design was updated to allow it to fit in the tunnel. The bolts and nuts were changed to smaller profile parts to fit within the 1½” hole in the bottom of the wind tunnel. Stops were added to the mount to prevent over-rotation of the aircraft while
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progress_report8 - Demonstration of Flight Characteristics...

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