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RakedProposal - Performance of Raked Performance Tips...

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Unformatted text preview: Performance of Raked Performance Tips During Stall Conditions Conditions Matt Bagg Jeff Komives School of Aeronautics and Astronautics Overview Overview Description Highly Swept Tip Capture Tip Capture Vorticies Vorticies Application Boeing 767-400ER Boeing 777-200LR Boeing 777-300ER Raked Tip School of Aeronautics and Research Interest Research Stall Characteristics Development of Stall Pressure Distribution Flow Visualization Wake Characteristics Raked Tip School of Aeronautics and Production Production Design Tip Section CFD Production ~3-4ft. Span Foam Core Composite Skin Raked Tip School of Aeronautics and Test Setup Test Boeing Wind Tunnel Force Balance Pressure Pressure Measurement Measurement Wake Measurement Flow Visualization Raked Tip School of Aeronautics and Project Timeline Final Report Stall Tests ­ Visualization Stall Tests ­ Wake Stall Tests ­ Pressure Stall Tests ­ Force Pressure Sensing Interface Finish Tip Surface Fabricate Foam Core Generate Machining Procedure Fluent Analysis Source Panel Analysis Generate Design 2/8 Raked Tip 2/18 2/28 3/10 3/20 3/30 4/9 4/19 4/29 5/9 School of Aeronautics and ...
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