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Safety Procedures for CNC Machinery Revised 1-25-00 1. The CNC machines are not to be operated by any individual without proper training and knowledge of either the computer program that runs the router, or the router itself. 2. Safety glasses, available from the ASL machine shop, are required to be worn at all times of operation of the CNC machines. Hearing protection is available, and it is highly recommended that it be used during CNC operations. 3. Always have safety shields in place during operation of the CNC Router. This prevents flying debris from hitting any operators of
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Unformatted text preview: the machine. 4. Routinely clean cutting table, and gears of track that the machine runs on. Debris that is compacted in the teeth of the gears can cause unsteady motion of the machine, leading to poor performance. 5. Make every effort to have more than one person operating the machine at any time. This is especially important in case of emergency. 6. Know and understand the properties of both the material you are cutting, and the material you are cutting with. High Speed Stainless and Carbide tools have different strengths and useful speeds....
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